Trials Of A Majestic Lion

from by SpokkenMusiq

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Over coming obstacles created by a shitstem designed to hold "urbanites" down.


Serendipity exposed
Naked unresting
In search of that which warms my soul
Inner galactic travels
Slowly empowering thy dome
Darkened visions
Faint whispers of temptations
Lined with pains untold

I am the realest
I don't want you
Never did
No I aint never coming back

There's too much on my plate
Stuff it down
Imma regurgitated
Famished now
Feels like I never ate
All alone
Not a soul can relate
This my fate
You can't take
Bent a little
But this brother didn't break
Adaptable to the planets shifting ways
Must be the asiatic blood in my veins

For I am majestic
Directly descended
From the tribe of solomon
Sepia tone that from time has been envied by most
Segregated from birth
Separation from man
My blessed curse
Product of a ghetto built around me
Treated as animals
I the lion
Silver back gorillas surround me
With no teacher to teach
The concrete
Steps up and begins to speak
Evils that
Most listen to attentively
Obediently carrying out her evil deeds
Caring for her
Still her offers are Temptations I battle to refuse
Ones I dear not go near
Yet they summon me
Temptations that slowly engulf similar souls around me
Stagnant in the atmosphere
I too
Was once like many a fool who Dipped into the pool of foolish dispear
Yet blessed am I
For I walk with the light
Far from the night
As her call beckons me to return
Once trapped
This majestic lion has learned
Escape towards the light of zion
Never towards her shadows shall the king return
Rectifying pilaged villages
Traveling back across bridges burned
For I am the realest
In a sea of rabid anmialistic beasts
Majestic being
within a system bent on killing kings
I can see how much she yearns for me to care
Tis the
Trials of a majestic lion

I navigate through the concrete
No sleep
Sticky lamb on my breath
Swisher sweet
Evolved being
Throwing blows
Still street
My mind
Operates differently
Life tempts
I battle to refuse
Take my chances
Here on this route
Strive through
And stay true
Cause I don't see any glory in you
Wont advertise
The ruined lives
That where sacrificed
To be with you
Evil streets
Keep calling
But I walk with the light
Far from the night

The trials of a majestic lion
Once lost
Discovered the golden road
Leading home to zion
In a morphed planet
Determind to capture
Such an eloquent beast
Tis a world where wonders never cease
A world that speaks
Yet knows no peace
For misery loves only
The company of misery
Within that union.
Transends the birth cries of tyranny
Such obsticles the king must endure
Wounds still remain from
The previous war
This mighty lion has endured
That which could not kill the beast
Now makes him roar
The trials of a majestic lion


from Thegustoswingproject, released January 1, 2015
Produced by Dhuttysoul Music all rights reserved 2014



all rights reserved


SpokkenMusiq Hamilton, Ontario

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